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Fishing Rods

If you are planning to buy a fishing rod, the online store has prepared a wide range for you.

Fishing rod is the fisherman’s main tool; its quality and technical characteristics determine:

• casting range and accuracy;
• ease of use;
• joy from a successful catch.

It is not surprising that fishermen are attentive to their intention to buy fishing rods, delve into details, learn about new products on the market, and share their experiences with each other. When choosing a fishing rod, you need to take into account a lot of factors - from the compactness and lightness of the tool to strength and versatility. The fishing season, the type of reservoir, and the availability of watercraft matter.

Since there are many types of fishing rods, it is quite difficult to classify them, because manufacturers from different countries can use original markings and special designations.

It has become generally accepted to divide fishing rods into the following types:

• spinning – a durable product with a reel and varying degrees of bending of the blank;
• casting – a model with a special handle design and a multi-cast reel; a large number of rings are used to guide the fishing line, which relieve the load on the rod;
• carp – models equipped with a spinning reel allow you to explore the bottom, make fairly long casts and control the landing of fish;
• feeder – you need to buy a rod of this type for bottom fishing with a feeder;
• picker rods – a type of feeder rod with restrictions on the length and weight of the bait;
• boat - lightweight models of short length with a comfortable handle and rings for guiding the fishing line;
• surf rods – such a rod is worth buying when you need increased strength of the blank; as a rule, they consist of three parts;
• match rods – fishing rods with a float and a spinning reel;
• Bolognese – telescopic models up to 11 m long with high legs and access rings;
• flywheels – the simplest light models;
• winter - a special type of fishing rod must be purchased before going to a frozen pond; it consists of a pole and a handle, most often made of “warm material” that does not cause inconvenience in the cold.

The main characteristics that you should be interested in when choosing a fishing rod:

• structure;
• length;
• equipment weight.

In addition, you definitely need to evaluate:

• material from which the fishing rod is made;
• design;
• quality of pass rings;
• reel seat, etc.

In the online store you can buy a fishing rod in Ukraine inexpensively, a consultant can help you, he will provide complete information on the model that interests you.