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Fishing Reels

Paired with a fishing rod, a fishing reel is used to cast bait into the aquatic environment. The guides on the rod provide direction for braided line or monofilament line.

Fishing reels are available in three types:

• inertia-free;
• multiplier;
• inertial (conductive).

The first type is used on the following types of rods:

• carp;
• spinning;
• feeder;
• boat;
• surf;
• picker;
• match;
• Bolognese.

Multiplier fishing reels are most suitable for use on boat or casting rods. Please note that boat rods may have different designs. Therefore, both inertia-free and multiplier models can be installed on them. They are convenient for catching large fish in the sea or catfish in freshwater cascades of reservoirs and rivers.

A wire fishing reel is most often used on a Bolognese fishing rod. It is also possible to use an inertial reel on a fishing rod for winter fishing. In this case, the fishing goes, of course, to the predator. In addition to the wire coil, it is allowed to use an inertia-free or multiplier coil. The wiring coil has the simplest design - there are plastic models and light metal alloy products on sale. Compared to them, multiplier or inertia-free reels have a more complex technical design. This increases the comfort of fishing, but requires compliance with operating rules.

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In order not to make a mistake and buy fishing reels of a design that meets the fishing conditions, you need to take into account several more selection criteria, for example:

• mass;
• gear ratio;
• spool size;
• location of the spool braking system or friction brake.

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