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Fishing Lines & Cords

An important component of fishing equipment is fishing line. In the online store you can profitably buy a fishing line and fishing line with the characteristics that are most important to you. The function of the fishing line is to tie the rod to the hook and bait. It must be, firstly, durable, secondly, elastic, thirdly, transparent, invisible to the fish. At the same time, the type of rod does not matter much: both the feeder and the spinning rod need a fishing line that is capable of transmitting a bite signal and can withstand the load when fishing.

Conventionally, all products in this group are divided into 2 groups: monofilament lines and braided fishing lines. Each of the groups has many subgroups with different characteristics, but they are all united by one characteristic - whether a single fiber is used or a weave of several fibers.

Monoline is more elastic, it can stretch and withstand greater loads. It is used most often for bottom fishing, winter fishing and when there is a float. It allows you to jerk even quite large fish. However, there are also disadvantages: firstly, it must often be replaced with a new one, since the material wears out over time, and secondly, its strength is still not enough for a large trophy. So, if you need fishing line, buy it in the online store, it’s better to have a reserve so that you don’t remain “unarmed” at a crucial moment.

Braided cord for fishing is a specially intertwined thread of polyamide polyethylene. By the way, the secret of the huge variety of products lies in the weaving method. The main reason why not all fish are caught on spinning lines is that it is not as transparent as fishing line. Some types of fish, such as chub or ide, are able to distinguish it in the water.

At the same time, there are also advantages that you get when deciding to buy a fishing cord and material:

• durable;
• dense;
• hard;
• reliable.

It is advisable to use a fishing line if you go hunting for a predator. It is selected according to such a parameter as the amount of substance per unit cross-sectional area. There are:

• #0.2-0.3 - with a diameter of no more than 0.12 mm, can withstand loads of up to 2.5 kg;
• #0.4-0.6 - with a diameter of no more than 0.18 mm, you can catch fish weighing up to 5 kg;
• #0.8-1.2 - a load of up to 8 kg is allowed, you can pull out a pike and use it in a reservoir with thickets of reeds and grass;
• #1.5-2.0 - can withstand loads of up to 12 kg.

The online store offers a wide range of fishing cords and fishing lines. You can choose a convenient model for yourself, with which fishing will become easy and successful.