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Fishing Lures

The main purpose of buying bait for pike or other fish is to attract attention and force the predator to try it. This explains the huge variety of products from different manufacturers. The differences between baits are due to several factors:

• appearance;
• design features;
• material;
• accessories;
• color scheme;
• flavoring additives;
• attractants.

To attract the attention of a predator, fish bait must look attractive and lively. To create an imitation of the movement of a living victim, manufacturers use various devices and design features, from weighting, shifting the center of gravity to equipping with additional feathers and propellers.

There are several types of fishing:

• trolling – from a moving boat or boat, wobblers are used that are capable of diving deeply and creating their own game;
• twitching – fishing using wobblers, which involves jerking the leash to create the effect of live fish moving in the water;
• jig – catching a predator that lives near the bottom, using special silicone baits.

Experts have named several of the most popular types of rib bait:

• wobblers – spinning baits;
• silicone;
• spinners – metal products of various shapes, colors and sizes.

Wobblers are the richest type of fishing bait. These are universal products for spinning. Depending on the shape, buoyancy, depth, blades they are divided into the following types:

• minnows – lures that resemble fry, wide, elongated baits towards the tail, can be swollen or flattened, and have their own game;
• cranks – differ in that they can be used at different levels, both at the surface of the water and at a depth of up to 10 m;
• shads – they are characterized by a more pronounced body height, they are used most often at depth and always have their own game, regardless of whether the fisherman forces the bait into motion;
• fats – bladed wobblers, characterized by a more rounded shape, used in shallow reservoirs;
• poppers – a surface spinning bait without a blade, but with a wide head;
• stickbaits, or walkers – surface baits without a blade with an oblong shape with several hooks;
• swimbaits – outwardly resemble small perch or pike with a characteristic game;
• jerkbaits – large bladeless lures of great weight;
• gliders – light spinning bait for surface fishing, they glide along the surface;
• propbaits – baits with one or two propellers that imitate small fish;
• rattlins are sinking lures without a blade, reminiscent of cicadas.

If you need to buy silicone baits, it is important to take into account a lot of factors that will affect the appearance, size and material of the product:

• features of the species composition of the fish that are planned to be hunted;
• size and type of reservoir;
• presence of current;
• depth of fish habitat;
• presence of wind in the fishing region;
• pressure, water temperature;
• times of day;
• time of year when fishing is planned.

As for spinners, you can see the following types on sale:

• oscillating – the simplest baits with a tee, which imitate the movement of a wounded fish from side to side;
• rotating, or spinners – have a tee and a petal built into the axis, thanks to which the bait rotates;
• devons are a type of pinwheel, in which the petal is made in the shape of a propeller, due to which not only rotational, but also oscillatory movements are created;
• spinnerbaits – a combination of a spinner with a silicone bait.

The online store will help you choose the right bait. The products are presented in a wide range and will delight you with reasonable prices.