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Fishing Lure Sets

Sets of fishing artificial baits are sets of various artificial baits for fishing that imitate live bait or other objects that can interest predatory or peaceful fish. There are many varieties of artificial baits that differ in shape, size, material, color, sound and wiring method. Artificial lures may have their own game in the water or require special retrieval from the angler. Artificial baits can work at different depths and in different reservoir conditions.

Among the main types of artificial baits for fishing are the following:

• Silicone baits are baits made of elastic material (rubber, silicone) that imitate living organisms (fish, worms, larvae, etc.). Silicone baits can be equipped with hooks or used in combination with other baits (jigs, spinnerbaits, etc.). Silicone baits come in a variety of shapes, textures, smells and tastes. They are suitable for fishing with a jig head, offset hook or without a hook. They are suitable for fishing at different depths and positions. Silicone baits can be used to catch perch, pike, pike perch, trout and other types of fish.

• Wobblers are hard baits that imitate live fish or other predator prey. Wobblers can be floating, sinking or neutral in buoyancy. They can also have a blade for deepening and different body shapes: minnow, crank, shad, jerk, swimbait, topwater, etc. Wobblers are suitable for catching predators using spinning or trolling at different depths and fishing speeds.

• Tail spinners are metal lures consisting of a streamlined body and a rotating blade. Tail spinners create sound and light waves in the water, attracting fish. Tail spinners come in different sizes and colors. They create an optical and acoustic effect in the water, attracting fish with their shine and ringing. Tail spinners come in single-blade and multi-blade types, with or without hooks. They work well in the current with a steady retrieve or with small jerks and are suitable for catching trout, chub, perch, pike and other predators.

• Fishing spinners are one of the most popular and effective types of artificial bait for catching predatory fish. Spoons have different shapes, sizes, colors and ways of working in the water. Depending on these characteristics, spoons can be divided into several main types: oscillating, rotating, spinners, casting and trolling.

• Jigs are baits consisting of a sinker with a hook and a soft nozzle made of rubber or silicone. They imitate worms, crayfish, squid and other bottom-dwelling animals. Jigs come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Jigs allow you to fish at different depths and from different angles. Jigs require active retrieves with rises and falls along the bottom or in the water column. Jigs can be used to catch pike perch, pike perch, pike, catfish and other types of fish.

If you love fishing and want to try different types of artificial baits, then you should pay attention to the sets of fishing artificial baits offered by the specialized online store By purchasing a set, you get several benefits:

- You save money, since the price of the set is lower than the sum of the prices of individual lures.
- You get a variety of baits that are suitable for different fishing conditions and different types of fish.
- You avoid a situation where you run out of the right bait at the most inopportune moment.
- You can experiment with different combinations of baits and find the most effective ones.

Sets of fishing artificial baits in the online store are distinguished by high quality, realistic design and durability. You can choose a set by type of bait (silicone baits, wobblers, tail spinners, spinners, etc.), by color, by size or by manufacturer. You can order the set online at or by phone. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine in the shortest possible time.