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Wobbler Fishing Lure Sets

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Wobbler sets are sets of hard artificial baits for fishing that differ in shape, size, material, color, sound and wiring method.

Wobblers are hard baits that imitate live fish or other predator prey. Wobblers can be floating, sinking or neutral in buoyancy. Wobblers can have their own action in the water or require special wiring from the angler. They can also have a blade for deepening and different body shapes: minnow, crank, shad, jerk, swimbait, topwater, etc. Wobblers are suitable for catching predators using spinning or trolling at different depths and fishing speeds.

According to their shape, wobblers are divided into the following types:

• Minnow - narrow-bodied wobblers that imitate small fish. They are suitable for fishing on a regular or jerky retrieve. Minnows can be floating, sinking or suspending.
• Rattlin - bladeless wobblers with noise elements inside the body. They create intense vibrations and sound, attracting fish from afar. Rattlins usually swim on or shallow below the surface.
• Shad - tall and laterally flattened wobblers that resemble herring or perch. They have a good game of their own and can work at different depths. Shad can be either floating or sinking.
• Crank - oval or round wobblers with a large blade. They have an active game and make noise when wiring. Cranks are designed for fishing at medium and deep depths. Cranks are usually floating or suspended.
• Fat - thick wobblers with a wide blade. They make sweeping oscillations and attract fish with their mass and volume. Fats are suitable for fishing at great depths and in thickets. Fats can be floating or sinking.

In addition, there are special types of wobblers for fishing on the surface of the water - topwaters. Topwaters attract predators with their visual and acoustic effects and are suitable for fishing in overgrown areas. These include: poppers, propbaits, walkers and frogs.

• Popper - a wobbler with a cutout on the nose, which, when jerked, produces a characteristic sound and splashes. The popper attracts fish with its aggressive action and is suitable for catching pike, perch and pike perch.
• Walker - a wobbler with a narrow body and an attachment point on the back. When guiding, it describes zigzags on the surface of the water, imitating a wounded fish. Walker is suitable for catching pike, perch and asp.
• Propbait - a wobbler with a propeller on the tail or nose that rotates and creates vibration and noise that attracts fish.
• Frog - a wobbler that imitates frogs or other animals that can float on the surface of the water. They have hidden hooks and a soft body that does not get caught on vegetation.

If you love fishing and want to try different types of artificial baits, then you should pay attention to the sets of wobblers offered by the specialized online store By purchasing a set, you get several benefits:

- You save money, since the price of the set is lower than the sum of the prices of individual lures.
- You get a variety of baits that are suitable for different fishing conditions and different types of fish.
- You avoid a situation where you run out of the right bait at the most inopportune moment.
- You can experiment with different combinations of baits and find the most effective ones.

Wobbler sets in the online store are distinguished by high quality, realistic design and durability. You can select a set by bait type, color, size or manufacturer. You can order the set online at or by phone. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine in the shortest possible time.